Continue Studio Light Bulb Holder With Soft Box (Pair)


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  • 2x  Five Hold Studio Light Bulb Holder
  • 2x  50x70cm Softbox
  • 2x  Light Stand


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Continue Studio Light in Pakistan

(1)Continue Studio Light Five-Hold Multi Tricolor Studio Light Bulb Holder:
Five-holder tricolor light is applicable for shooting in studios or workshops.
Power Supply: AC110-130V/50-60Hz or AC200-240V/50-60Hz
Light Holder: 5x E27 light holder
Softbox Adapter: Metal adapter. Fits for quadrangle and octagonal softboxes.
Fuse: 5A (Refer to the actual product)

(1) 20 x 28″/50 x 70cm 5-lamp Socket Softbox:
Suitable for five-lamp socket.
Made of grain fabrics materials which integrates heat-resistant, lowest aging and long service life.
Provide softer and warmer light when shooting reflective object.
Size: 20 x 28″/ 50 x 70cm
Color: Black

(1) 8.5ft/260cm Light Stand:
Made of aluminum alloy, strong enough for heavy duty work.
Can be folded into a small size, portable and easy to store.
Solid locking system for light safety.
Folded height: 3.18 feet
Maximum height: 8.53 feet
Net weight per light stand: 3 Lbs
Max. load capacity: 15 lbs
Spigot: 1/4 or 3/8
Min.Tube Diam: 25.7mm
Max.Tube Diam: 31.5mm
Segments: 3

The Photo Video Continuous Output 5 Light Head with Softbox is adjustable with 5 light outputs with individual power buttons allowing you to control the light output. Continuous lighting gives you consistent light which allows you to immediately see where shadows fall. The softbox acts as a diffuser to produce even lighting. It mounts on a standard light stand and is great for the studio or on location.Comes with 5 amp fuse that can be easily replaced when needed.Maximum capacity is 85W Bulbs.


  • (2) Continue Studio Light Five-Hold Socket Multi Tricolor Studio Light Bulb Holder Mount Bracket
  • (2) 20×28″/50x70cm Photo Studio Lambency Lamp Shade 5-lamp Socket Softbox
  • (2) 8.5ft/260cm Light Stand


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