9450 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Self-tightening Propellers


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Phantom 3 Carbon Fiber Propeller

This is Phantom 3 Carbon Fiber Propeller 9-inch 9450 Carbon Fiber Reinforced Propellers, one clockwise (CW) propeller and one counter-clockwise (CCW) propeller, both black with yellow stripes.
Optimized to be aerodynamic and lightweight, they enable even greater thrust than the previous 9443 models.

Perfect balance is ensured by high-precision manufacturing and a strict quality control system. Composite hubs attach more firmly to your motors, which improve reliability with DJI’s self-tightening system.

Compatible with Phantom 3/Phantom 2 series or Flame Wheel series platforms with the E310/E305/E300 tuned propulsion systems.

Weight: 13g (single); Diameter and screw pitch: 24 x 12.7cm

High quality carbon fiber material for extra durability
Aerodynamic for high performance
Professional design
Easy to install
Superior balance
Lightweight and practical
Helps reduce vibrations or other unwanted effects


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