Wondlan LE-304 Leopard III Double Arm Steadycam


Product Highlights

steadicam support system (1-4.5 KG Load capacity)
Carbon fiber sled reduces the weight and allows increased load capacity
Multi-position adjustable monitor bracket
Sled features Bidirectional adjustable baseplate
Carbon fiber Telescopic balance pole


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Steadicam Price in Pakistan

The Steadicam Price in Pakistan Leopard III Dual Arm version steadicam is a high quality solution at a very attractive price. Thanks to the new design the vest can now also be carried out with the double steadycam arm. Further, the stabilizer is provided with a rotatable connection monitor and an adjustable system for adjusting the counterweight. Thus, one can easily perform precise adjustment. Further, the double arm equipped with the latest technology in the field of suspension so shooting is very smooth and easy.

The new vest is simplified and thus more user-friendly to use. There is now one fixing knob mounted on the front of the vest so that it is easier to adjust the vest in height. This vest is also more flexible. The weight is also lower.

The Dual Arm is optimized and executed with a balanced suspension system which stability and flexibility is good at. The springs have been produced from high quality alloy which is also used in the military industry. The body and other parts of the housing are made of air-hazardous aluminum.steadicam price in pakistan.

The stabilizer is made entirely of carbon. Very light but very strong. An integrated HDMI cable allows you to connect a monitor easily. The ingenious 360 mounting system for a monitor one has a good view of the screen. Two counterweights are very precise balance so that the stabilizer can be put in perfect balance.

Load Vest

This Load Vest is simplified, which can be detached to front and back parts, back is lined with sponge for comfortable wear; front is constructed with fixed metal model to fit you. Using Velcro and side release buckle to connect that one size fits all. There is a thinner chest plate and a single knob to adjust its height (11-step height adjustable). It is more flexible to operate. There are two 10cm hole can be inserted by arm

Single Handle Arm

This arm is made of high quality metal. There are two connections, one is two 10mm pin for connecting load vest, the other is a 16mm pin for connecting the magic handheld stabilizer. The high precision bearing are designed based on human hand simulation, to achieve flexible operation

Steadicam Price in Pakistan


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